“A first hand account of how the war unraveled in the birthplace of the Taliban.”

The Durrani Kings is a feature length documentary film that follows the first hand accounts of a journalist, soldiers and civilians who detail how the war unraveled in Kandahar, Afghanistan from 2006-2010. The Southern Afghan city of Kandahar is considered the birthplace of the Taliban, however it is also one of the most strategic cities and land bridges in Asia. Founded by Alexander the Great in 330 BC it has been fought over by multiple empires for centuries. In 1747 Ahmed Shah Durrani founded the first modern Afghan state in Kandahar. It also became the capitol of the Taliban regime and subsequent home to Osama bin Laden’s 9/11 headquarters.

The film focus’s specifically on the year the Taliban insurgency returned in Kandahar and spread throughout the country. It then chronicles the growth of the insurgency through 2007-08 and into 2009 when the landmark 2009 Afghan election was held. The narrative closes with the 2010 U.S. troop surge and it’s aftermath. The film follows the characters through the war with detailed interviews that provide a first hand view of the conflict and the policies and events that shaped it. Exclusive and dramatic frontline combat footage of keyevents during the film’s timeline takes the viewer to places rarely seen. Veteran journalist and author Peter Bergen who has been covering Afghanistan since 1993 rounds out the interviews and adds additional historical and cultural context to the story.

Devin Gallagher has edited and helped produce numerous television programs including a feature length documentary film which screened at film festivals throughout the U.S.,Canada and Europe. He has worked at Arlington Independent Media for five-years as a Staff Producer. He has experience in many aspects of television and film production.

Louie Palu has worked as a professional award-winning documentary photographer for 23-years. Louie covered the war in Kandahar, Afghanistan from 2006-2010 and made several well-known short films on Kandahar in 2008. His work has been published worldwide and has just completed a project covering the drug war in Mexico.

Key Personnel
Co-Director/Director of Photography/Interim Producer

Murray Brewster has worked as a professional award-winning journalist for close to 30-years and has worked on numerous print, radio and television programs and covered Kandahar, Afghanistan from 2006-2011. His critically acclaimed book The Savage War is a well-known chronicle of the war in Kandahar.

Marc Robichaud is a Gemini Award nominated editor who has worked on multiple television programs and documentary films since 1994. He has worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) on assignments worldwide including covering the war in Afghanistan as a videographer and editor.

Editor/Motion Graphics Designer

Jennifer Baichwal + Nick de Pencier
Award winning documentary directors and producers.

Associate Producer

Dawne Langford

Composing, music and additional sound

Manny Hildalgo + Rebecca Fin Simonetti

This film is currently in production and is a U.S.A./Canada co-production between Wait What Productions and Bag Drive Films. Release date TBA.
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